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stepping out, look out for fog at the coast. temperatures low 50s to low 70s, by morning fog coast and bay. going to be cool. there may be dense pockets of fog. and the afternoon will feature a warming trend. it gets underway home, low 60s to low 90s, take a look at beyond tomorrow. there is warmer weather friday, mid-90s inland. into the weekend 96 degrees inland. 72 at the coast. and i'll let you know when we'll hit the peak in terms of the heat. back with the weekend forecast coming up. >> thank you. >> and this afternoon, an 11-year-old boy hit by a stray bullet left the hospital. >> he's talking about the near death experience. here is abc 7 news reporter wayne freedman. >> in oakland white patches on the side of the house only begin to tell a story of what happened here and the little boy came home today. >> i don't know why i got
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shot. i got shot. >> when he rested on his living room couch he seemed wiser beyond his 11 years, and also bewildered. it's been a week since gunmen fired 16 bullets into a bedroom and a week since one hit him in the chest. a week for his mother, father, and four brothers and sisters to live with this fear that despite a motive for all they know, it could happen again. >> what is next for you, your son. >> my living room is here. and i can't keep my kids here. every day you have to see homes there z have this happen? i never run out for this. >> there is no word about the investigation. it's just one very frightened family, now stuck in a once-happy home.
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from oakland abc 7 news. >> police and officials addressed concerns about a kidnapping on friday. a man groped a 9-year-old girl then dragged her outside where the girl managed to escape. police arrested the 25-year-old. he has been charged with felony kidnapping and child molestation. 150 parents attended and officials are deciding whether to put a fence around the school. >> there is a teenager who ran down a man and daughter is in juvenile hall. the 17-year-old placed there today by a judge calling the teen quote a danger to society. the teen pleaded guilty to felony vehicular manslaughter in the april deaths of a 41-year-old and his 9-year-old daughter. the boy could get a term of seven years when sentenced but he must be released by age 21. >> former head of the san francisco human rights commission pleaded not guilty at his arraignment on child
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molestation charges. the 66-year-old arrested last week and charged with possession and distribution of child pornography. he will be back in court in november. >> a 51-year-old is now a convicted child molester. a jury found fernandez guilty of 17 counts of molesting a female relative at seven years old. he's the father of the man accused of killing a morgan hill teak. -- teak teenager. he faced molestation charges well before his son was arrested. >> chevron sharing information about an investigation into that pipe failure that led to the massive explosion at the refinery last month. chevron says they checked the pipeline in august numerous times, but not that specific component that failed. chof ron says that pipe thinned from a process and wants to warn other refineries
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to inspect all similar pipes. >> iran's president sharply criticized world powers today as he took the stage. >> mahmoud ahmadinejad claimed other nations were using the arms race to try to bully iran. he blamed unnamed nations for the world's problems. >> and the self pro claimed centers of power who have entrusted them selfs to the devil are responsible for policy, corruption, ignorance and discrimination in every corner of the world. >> the u.s. delegation skipped mahmoud ahmadinejad's speech. this is his final term as president and likely this is his last un speech. >> there is an actress in a movie that outraged people world wide is blasting the movie maker and says the writer and producer kept the movie antimuslim message a
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secret from her and others on the film. >> i don't want the muslim world to think america is behind this. i don't want them to think i am behind this. >> this violence in response to that film has now been blamed for 51 deaths world wide including the killing of chris steven who's grew up in piedmont. both turky and brazil took action to quell additional violence. there is a court order to block access to the movie and a brazilian judge ordered you tube to take down that film. >> syrian rebels are claiming responsibility for two bombing that's left the army command head quarters in flames. syrian state television aired footage of the blast. four military guards were killed in this and iranian press tv says one correspondent was kill bid gunfire following those explosions. >> protests are erupting
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across greece today amid the biggest aunt austerity demonstration in months. officers fired back with tear gas. violence broke out after antigovernment rally in athens drew about 50,000 people. >> there is espn reporting a labor agreement is near that could put officials back on the field maybe as soon as this weekend. and according to the espn report the league and referee union have an agreement on the sticking points including pensions and trading of future refs. a source says only a little bit of money separates the two sides. there is a the controversy just keeps growing this, photo snapped in fresno. one day after referee lance easily made the call. and he's pictured with a friend wearing a green bay tee shirt. >> there is american air lines
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and pilot union back at the negotiation table. since september 16th about 3% of the schedule has been cancelled. >> and a tennessee woman is suing southwest airlines and a flight attendant over hot tea. it happened on a flight attendant to new orleans. she claims the flight attendant brought her tea so hot it gave her second degree burns and claims it left her permanently scarred. >> today a fake plan crash sent dozens of responders rush together scene. part of the annual response drill. and this one has more of a splash than the usual drills. there is what they know from the drill. a plane run into a flock the birds and the plane was flying over water. >> there is a plane going down. the call has come out for resources to assist san
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francisco thapt international airport. >> emergency responders will be rescuing people like vic lee, a volunteer. >> this is suffering from hypothermia. i can walk. >> sfo does drills every year but this is the first time in 10 years there is one on the water. the drill motivated by this new boat house. >> this brand new facility we have mapped out our ideas is how we want to respond. now we're going to test that idea. >> there is people brought here to a triage area, they'll treat patients, notify families and communicate with the media. >> in the event of a real emergency we have to get support from surrounding communities. that is a part to test that capability. >> patients say they feel like they're in good hands. >> this is impress skbrif
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really nice. >> the faa requires drills one every three years but sfo, every year. officials here say they hate idea of a nightmare happening and they really hate the idea of showing up unprepared. >> and massive rvs, buses and big rigs and campers will no longer be allowed to park overnight on some san francisco streets. this neighborhood affected include bay view and streets near the beach and golden gate park. >> still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00 clock is ticking for nearly a quarter million dollar megamillions winner. how long they have to claim the prize. >> and there is service denied for wells fargoñaú
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>> it's the end of a line for a winning ticket worth nearly a quarter million dollars. 28 out of 29 winners have come forward to claim cash. and the only one still at large is a ticket sold at fox liquors on larkin street. the ticket for march 30th megamillions draw. the winner has until 5:00 p.m. today, 48 minutes. and someone has got to come forward or nobody gets it. >> i have a feeling it's a lost ticket. >> mixed news for housing market this afternoon. sales of new homes dropped last month. the median price rose by a record amount. new home sales crop dropped .3% from july. sales frup a year ago, still well below pace economists
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consider healthy. and median price jumped 11.2% to $256,900 the biggest gain on record. >> and outlook is not good for job market. there is a survey showing only 29% of the ceos plan to increase hirings in six months down from 36% in june. and there is a survey found they're worried about tax increases expected to take affect next year. >> barns and noble is offering up two new devices trying to woo cost conscious tab blet customer. >> and there is google street view now taking you under the sea. >> hello, larry, carolyn. radio shack coeo is out after just 16 months on the job. in a statement the company said they agreed to immediate departure. the cfos will be interim ceo.
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the company looks for a new one. the electrickics retailer has seen profits plunge and there are stocks getting hammered following almost 80%. new details about the pay package for incoming yahoo chief financial officer, he'll get a base salary of $600,000 a year with a target bonus of 90% of that and restricted stock and options valued at $12 million there. is a pay raise from goldman who made 327,000s ndz base salary. and there are sources saying sharp will cut 10,000 jobs as part of a turn around plan. the job cuts include 5,000 already announced last month and will amount to about 18% of sharp work force. sharp could also raise more than $2 billion sell selling plants in mexico, china and malaysia as well as recurrent
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energy. barns and noble releasing two new nook tab blets that starts at $199 and nine-inch starts at $269. they're available for preorder starting today with shipments expected late next month. they're designed to complete -- compete with the new google fire hd and come a day after barns and noble announced a new video service. wells fargo back online after being hit with a cyber attack knocking out the web site. this follows a series of attacks last week on other banks including jp morgan chase. and bank of america, stocks fell on worries about europe'ses debt crisis. the bloomberg silicon valley index closing down. shares pushing it lower. google is taking street view under the sea. and there are first pictures
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available included australia's great barrier reef and pictures off the coast of hawaii. google worked on this project with an organization designed to educate people about the world's oceans from bloomberg studios in san francisco, larry and carolyn, back to you. >> and thank you. >> we want to give a shout out to emily chang. we haven't seen her for a while for a good reason. she gave birth to a little boy named cooper just weeks ago. isn't he cute? you can see from this photo it turns out coop is just tech savvy as his mom and has his own twitter account. and he's been busy just hanging out with mom. >> working on hash tag drooling. >> yes. really. >> yes. >> and he'll be tweeting by the time he's a year old. >> and there is sandhya patel
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with weather. >> we have really a big warm up coming our way. so there is temperatures and let's show you a live picture now. sure doesn't look like summer. you'll notice there marine layer right now is standing at 1700 feet deep from our east bay hills camera looking towards sutro tower. that is a cooling influence. until out of the picture it can't speed up. so i'll tell what you is going to happen in just a moment. there are tl is sunshine and temperatures so far into mid-80s this afternoon. the fog layer is solid so only into mid 50s and chilly in places. fog tonight dense in patches and there is warm to hot conditions for weekend. tomorrow morning give more time. we're expecting some fog in the morning around the bay and along the coast and it could be dense once again just like last night.
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overnight readings on the cool side. upper 40s to mid-50s so you'll need to bundle up as well. there is satellite picture here. we do have changes coming up. there is a warmer pattern developing. as we head into the next several days it starts tomorrow, we'll notice modest increase in temperatures just a few degrees. there is fog remaining near the coast. by weekend there is high pressure building in and will start to see this warm pattern, highs for thursday into the south bay like i said modest warm up tomorrow, 8in campbell. there is a nice-looking day. 78 in palo alto. 75 san ma dayo coastal areas low to mid-60s there is 67
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downtown san francisco. 83 in santa rosa. 81 in san rafael. towards east bay there is areas getting warm so short sleeved weather. 92, livermore, 87 dublin. fog holding temperatures down in monterey. 65 degrees there is accu-weather forecast, warming trend starting tomorrow, we'll be trending higher friday, saturday, sunday. taking a look at heat over the weekend there is mid to upper 90s inland. low to mid-70s at beaches and fog disappears over the weekend temperatures start to crank up, cooling begins on monday and this is cooler tuesday rs wednesday, down to 80s by then. abc 7 about to make someone $49,000 richer. go to face and like
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us, we'll anounts winner october 18th after 49ers take on the sea talks -- hawks if you like us there is still a chance. there is a simple form that will not take very long. and you can end up with 49,000s ndz your pocket. how is that? >> this is excellent. >> still ahead saying good buy to a popular entertainer from 50s and 60s. >> there is a nice remember on "dancing with the stars" of the first star gets booted off. what the partner had to say about that. >> and there is a look at traffic. slow going for cars trying to make their way across the east bay. abc 7 news at 4:00 continues
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right after this.
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one of the popular personalities of the 50s and 60s has passed away. legendary crooner andy williams died last night and
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was best known for his signature song "moon river" a number one hit in 1962. there are 18 gold and platinum albums and signed a biggest recording contract in history, hosting several television shows from 1962 to 1976. and he is 84 years old. >> and in other entertainment news, it's a big night in tv. there is a premier of a trio of funny new shows first, dancing with thesters says goodbye to celebrities this season. >> you predicted it. >> yes. i did. here is rachel smith. >> the all star season of "dancing with the stars kicked off with a bang. and now, the first elimination. actress pamela anderson was first to say goodbye. instead of doing interviews
4:25 pm
anderson skipped out. >> why is pamela not here? >> not feeling too well. do you know what i mean? >> and do you think she's depressed?. >> she's disappointed. >> and there is justin beeber there to perform his new song "as long as you love me". tonight a huge line up starting at 8:00 with season four premier of "the middle" followed by "modern family" at 9:00, then, "the neighbors". >> the story that's are coming down the road are just hysterical. they have never left so for more news and interviews go to >> just ahead san francisco prepares for regatta race
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autos and a deal reached after that encounter between protestors and police. up next pepper spray settlement. >> and there is a growing problem worrying officials and grossing out visitors. áñ
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happening now a $1 million
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settlement for uc davis protestors and the university of california will pay the legal fees and $30,000 in tajs to each of the to 1 people who were pepper sprayed at point blank range. the chancellor will write a formal apology letter to each protestor. >> this is when we're happy with the settlement and this tells us they're held accountable for action autos protestors claiming officers used excessive force and a court still needs to approve that settlement. >> two men face charges for allegedly stealing lap tops from palo alto. there is police saying a private security guard spotted
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them taking 49 computers. >> and a manhunt minutes where police are looking for five men who robbed a safeway last night. at least four had guns they took an undetermined amount of money then ran way. nobody was hurt. >> there are organizers counting on another big turnout for next week's racing but timed it so interest there is no chance of a poor showing. and there is mark matthews live now on piers 30 and 32. >> the organizers are really pretty confident that they're going to have a big turn out next week. they're going to have a turnout whether there are races or not. there is fleet week ask there will be a huge crowd. you've got hardly strictly blue grass festival which will be in san francisco. and there is a built in
4:31 pm
audience next week. there are boats practicing on the bay, the director is feeling good about the number of spectators. >> this is in the muse vick festival and there is a master plan he is right. it will be a big week, a great opportunity to promote races but without fleet week there is last month's races drew a good crowd. >> this is great some people came down and took in the boats and what is on tv ask started to dive into what it is about? >> there are three big cruise ships docked and tourists pouring out to see sites. >> there is pier 39. sea lion autos we'll like to do a city tour and see things
4:32 pm
we don't know about. >> there is a question of will they come back? >> not us. >> it's not a sport that interests me. give me tickets to 49ers game and i'll be here. >> derek said he'd come back. >> i would go watch that, yes. >> you'd make a trip down to san francisco to see that? >> yes. i would. >> and he didn't tell us is that he's traveling on his grand mother's dime. >> would she be willing to take another trip? >> no. he has to do it all himself. >> it might put a damper on plans. >> yes. would it. >> we're having fun but this is serious business for organizers working for larry ellison and teams trying to get a tv audience to watch and there is serious business from
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the city. we'll talk with the mayor and director about the strategy for bringing people here coming up on abc 7 news at 6:00. >> we'll see mark later on at 6:00. there is ohio the center of the political universe today. caren trafers has more on the fight for the buck eye state its all about one battle ground state. >> there is an election going on in ohio. >> it was a brawl. and the president and mitt romney fighting for attention and votes. the. >> now there is a choichls my opponent would gut education to pay for more tax breaks for the wealthy. no family should have to set aside an college
4:34 pm
acceptance letter because they don't have the money. >> romney made a case why he can turn the economy around. >> what i want to do is bring jobs back to america so our people have good working opportunities to provide for them selfs and their kids, and their futures. >> and there are contenders working to lock down support now. >> this is starting october 2, six days from now... you can get to start voting. >> now, the president has a clear edge. abc 7 news took a call from the toss up column. ohio trending obama for weeks and one poll has him up 10 points. yesterday advisors seemed to suggest their own polling shows a tighter race. >> there is when i trust
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number autos no republican won the white house without ohio. soon, the campaign may have to decide if resources might be better spent in another battle ground state. >> an average survivor says he's fortunate to be alive but morning the loss of close friends. the 48-year-old survived a deadly after lampbl that killed eight people on one of the world's tallest mountains sunday morning at 22,000 feet in nepal. in his first interview, he says he was reading his bible when that struck. >> i was reading it just for the sake of reading it. so... things began to shake. and we thought it was the
4:36 pm
wind. >> two dozen climbers were sleeping and he is now on the way gak to the bay skpaer has planned to ski down the slopes of the mountain with other climber autos there are cruise mean cleening up damage done by a tornado. storm chasers took this video. and there is as it swept through a small town thorkts say it brought winds strong enough to blow over a semi trailer. and there is a look at the damage. officials say three homes were damaged and there is a fourth home under construction was destroyed. this tornado brought down several tree autos national park service racing against the clock to get rid of the algae clogging up one of the country's best known land marks. lincoln memorial reflecting pool reopened after a renovation. the water is now being brought
4:37 pm
in from the title basin. >> any time have you a new system like this this, is complex treatment system you're going to have to tweak it, refine it. >> the park series says it will disappear but it's not clear if it will happen in time for saturday's ceremony autos just ahead gamblers coming out on top after monday night's controversial call. >> and how an eye doctor wants to lend a hand to refs that call that had claim. -- game. what he is offering. >> we're looking at mount diablo and there are sunny skies, i'll have temperatures coming up. >> there is afternoon commute looking gloomy. around the golden gate bridge there is a foggy to start
4:38 pm
with. maybe we just need wind yechl there. there is traffic that is sluggish.
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here is a look at topics people are searching for today. andy williams is the top trending search. the singer pass wade last night. and next lady gaga posted photos of herself to counter criticism.
4:41 pm
and sons of anarchy the season of the show premiered last night. >> and help being offered to officials from california who made a controversial touchdown ruling in the game between packers and sea hawks. there is an eye doctor offering the ref three lasi lasik -- free lasik surgery. he is performing at no charge would benefit everybody. >> we're afraid he's a hazard to the population if he's driving his eye sight is the way it is. he can't see anything to the side or straight ahead. i'm afraid he's going to kill someone. maybe we can improve all referee visions this way, too. >> and what a giver. the seahawks as you know, officials ruled seattle receiver caught the ball and once everybody else saw the different way. and you know nfl locked out
4:42 pm
regular officials and replacing them with high school and lower division reps. >> not all gamblers who bet against seahawks in monday's game will lose money. the owner of the casino says ze not accept the call that ended that game. >> they're talking about hundreds of millions of dollars changing hands. >> yes a plays mazing. >> take a look at the weather. sandhya patel does not need laysic. >> yes. and she never gets it wrong. >> and here is a look at the national forecast we have thunderstorm possibilities stretching from atlanta 85 degrees to st. louis. dallas, 91. towards seattle, 72 degrees. there is a look at the statewide temperatures, warm up to the north, around sacramento 95 degrees and palm springs 101. 80s in los angeles. 63, big sur, 89 in yosemite.
4:43 pm
heading to tahoe, sunshine. here is the bay area, temperatures starting to trend higher starting tomorrow and there are san francisco, half moon bay. not going get hot just yet at the coastline. as i show you game time forecast for the giants tomorrow, as they host the diamond backs at 12:45, 63 degrees, sunshine, breezy. 66 degrees so it's mild weather and i think you can pull it off with just one layer. it's last hem game of the regular season. and i tell you what by weekend you might want to break out bathing suits. goitsing to get warm at beaches. and hot inland temperatures near 100 degrees. >> it will be hot. >> thank you. >> and just ahead getting a helping hand from a morning cup of joe. >> and a grow be problem with
4:44 pm
growing older, surgeries on the rise, and why. >> there is which sites give you the biggest bang for bur buck? i'll show you some of the very best one autos into the abc 7 newsroom there is a warning sent out from chevron. a kind of plant that blew out and started the fire could be a ticking time bomb in other refineries as well. and a 49er legend working to bring a healing sound of music to children.
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checking healthy living news, knee replacement surnlry is on the rise among older americans. a study shows the number of new replacement surgeries nearly doubled. 244,000 seniors had that procedure in 2010. researchers say it's partly driven by a desire to stay active and this appears in the medical association. >> a journal finds a class of
4:48 pm
drugs given to children are not -- the tl has been concern the use could increase the risk of hemorrhage. the steroids often given to prevent post operative nausea and vomiting. >> if you kent get by without morning cup of coffee you're not alone. food preparation and service workers top a list of those needing a boost. dunk nismt donuts and career builder tied in for national coffee day. >> if i don't have cough eye i don't have a sunny disposition. >> maybe you should up the dose. >> wow. >> kidding. >> yes. no. she's not. more people are shopping online. which sites are the best? >> there is shopping online
4:49 pm
can be best. >> flowers make beautiful gifts. but ordering online could be unpleasant. that is what consumer reports found, surveying about their experiences shopping at the 52 largest web sites. unlike floorists near the bottom. >> they had low marks of value and high shipping charges and customer having to wait longer than expected. >> and he was at the bottom and got the lowest marks for support. >> and it would take so long. just don't like how expensive they are. >> a good retailer should offer great value have good products and services and deliver them on time.
4:50 pm
and should have great customer support. >> and ll bean, new egg for electronics and rei, which stands out with a guarantee shopper was return or replace yimts any time, and there is no experation date. >> zappos has a good return policy there. is a year to return something and they pick up the cost. >> another way is to shop at sites like walmart. it doesn't charge if you have items delivered to the store for pick up. >> of course kit be convenient but consumer reports says good ideas to set up a separate e mail address for purchases and my advice is set aside a separate card for your online purchase that's way, you can keep track if something goes wrong. >> still to come could hog worts be making a come back?
4:51 pm
just ahead why jkrowlings says she may return to writing about the world of harry potter. >> and berkeley becoming a stage 4 diversity. coming up. >> and first here is a look at what is ahead on abc world news. >> tonight everyone in the bay area should know there are hundreds of thousands of holiday jobs available right now and counting. we're going to tell you who is hiring, how much and who gets to keep the job throughout the year. also want healthier kids? but there are pictures of open rebellion underway against vegetables. the secretary of agriculture facing off with the kids.ña
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4:54 pm
writer jkrowling is not
4:55 pm
ruling out another book set. the long waited first book for adults couldn't be more different. >> it's about secrets and conflicts in a seemingly idealic town. and she said she wrote about some of her own troubled experiences. >> and the book sold a million copies before hitting shelf autos i think she talks about her obsessive compulsive disorder in this book. very different from harry potter. >> yes. >> shakespeare said all of the world is a stage. sunday it becomes a stage filled with diversity. >> there is a now don sanchez with a preview. >> music can be ho. or classical. and dance rooted in tradition.
4:56 pm
and as auditoriums and spots come alive with performances that define the wealth of the culture. >> not only the bredth of cultural offerings there are. and at the bredth and depth but also quality. >> this is from northern india. showing that diversity. the rush group is rehearsing and those bells each way four pounds. >> this is art form that combines and also, there is rhythm that we do, it's organic mat we like to call it technique settles in and develops. there will be other groups, a
4:57 pm
true showcase. >> there is over 120 per year. >> and this is from 11:00 to 6:00 everywhere on the campus on sunday. in berkeley abc 7 news. >> if you're ready to get into spirit fright nights return to the win chester mystery house in san jose. second year of the experience at the reputed truly haunted house from heiress sarah winchester, visitors can expect spooky attractions, food and drink. and there is a a maze opening this friday. if you dare. >> and there is abc 7 news at
4:58 pm
5:00 begins right now. >> there is a guilty plea failing to bring comfort to loved one autos and chevron warnings what their inspections failed to detect that could be dangerous for other refineries as well. >> i'm sandhya patel. steamy summer weather is heading our way. i'll let you know what the trend will look like going into the weekend coming up. the 17-year-old kill aid father and daughter on a bike ride. his speeding suv jumped a sidewalk. laura anthony is live with more on the punishment he faces. laura? >> this is where the driver is this evening. ordered taken into custody after his tilty plea this morning.
4:59 pm
both judge and prosecutor calling him a quote, danger to society. >> i just want justice. >> a tearful story said admission of guilt by the driver who killed her husband and young daughter does little to lessen the pain. >> everybody is a parent, everybody is a wife. everybody is a brother. put yourself in my shoes. how would you sneel. >> the 17-year-old boy pleaded guilty to two counts of felony vehicular manslaughter with gross negligence for the deaths of the two and one misdemeanor count of reckless driving for the injuries to another daughter a 12-year-old. this is part of an agreement who believes this boy is sorry for actions. >> this is an early stage an indication of being

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